It’s all but set in stone: we’re going to Iraq – Basra, specifically.

It was more or less obvious when we lined up to get anthrax shots today, but it wasn’t announced until the closing formation of the day. March 11 we mobilize, and March 14 we leave for Fort Benning to train up…afterwards, it’s Iraq.

I have mixed emotions right now, but it’s mostly excitement. There’s a lot of boredom ahead, and probably a lot of fear. Also some anxiety, for personal reasons – there’s someone on this mission with whom relations could be very awkward.

War for oil…war for Halliburton…war for American imperialism…none of that matters now, whether or not any of us believes those things. What matters is that there are soldiers there who need to come home, and there’s a mission to be done, and it’s our turn to stand up and fulfill our duty – our duty to America and her people, our duty to the citizens of Iraq, and our duty to the world…to show them what we’re made of.

Motherfuckin Iraq, baby!