If Lando says it, it must be true:

In other news, the reality of the Iraq deployment is slowly starting to hit me. In a month, I’ll be at lovely Fort Benning, and sometime after that…Baghdad? Mosul? Tikrit? Who knows.

I had a long and meandering post about the impending loneliness of this mission written out in my head, but I lost it. These days my thoughts are unfocused and my emotions raw and strange. C moving out doesn’t help any, either. It’s like a sick kaleidoscope of emotions and the perverse irony of it all is that while she’s leaving my life for good she’s simultaneously being locked into it for the next 18 months.

Will this be harder without someone far away saying “I love you” and dreaming of kisses and hugs and other things that bizarrely the Army has made me covet? Or will it be easier to know that no one is crying in her bed at night because of me?

Oh, the drama!

I got a video camera. Iraq Cinema 2004, here we come…