Xteen: I react to her like I did to Scarlet OHare. I just want to slap her until she shuts up, and then read about other characters.
Xteen: She’s not a sympathetic enough character as presented
Xteen: and I wonder why the protaganist keeps returning to her
Delobius: it’s called “dramatic irony.”
Delobius: where you’re yelling at the screen, “don’t do it! don’t do it!” and he does it anyway.
Xteen: yes
Xteen: and for awhile you go along with it ’cause he’s horny and what else is he doing anyway
Xteen: but then he goes and really falls in love
Xteen: and the happy ending gets chewed up and shat out
Delobius: and then she becomes a lesbian and he contemplates suicide and she gets liposuction and they go to iraq while the other ex girlfriend is left in tears and roadside bombs and AHHHHHHHHh
Xteen: viewer blows up TV in frustration and confusion
Delobius: actually, I think it would resonate with a lot of people.
Xteen: Title: You Thought You Had Girlfriend Problems
Xteen: “4 Crazy Women and a Man with Small Hands”