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title 10

As the company first sergeant was fond of telling us, I’m now a Title 10 soldier. I don’t know what Title 10 means – I guess it just means we’re active duty. Duh.

The final preparations have been made…we had nothing to do today so we got released early. Tomorrow – we board the plane, bags, berets and all, to land at Fort Benning some hours later, where the real mission begins. Tomorrow I’ll step into the alternate time-stream of active duty life, suspending normal life functions and exchanging them for the hyper-accelerated and hypo-accelerated trials of the Army. For all of you, life will go on – you’ll work every day, watch TV, and experience the boredom and freedom of everyday existence. For me, I’ll be in a world apart, all-consuming and incomprehensible to anyone without comparable experience. When I return I’ll step back into the normal time-stream, and you will say, “my God, he’s been gone a long time.” To me, I’ll just be trying to pick up where I left off, but those moments and months will already be long gone.


  1. Xteen

    It’s now “Active Alex” but does he have kung-fu grip?

  2. Eowyn

    I’m really, really going to miss you. I do already. No Delobius to IM! I’m proud of you though! :) Go Soldier Alex! woohoo!

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