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tragedy of the commons

Well, somebody put the kibosh on the wireless networking and everything…I’m banished back to the computer lab. I guess 50+ computers all sucking down bandwidth on one switch port raised a flag with the post’s network admins and they shut us down. Punishment will be meted out if it happens again. Bah.

Today we rose at 0430 so we could eat at 0500 and be off to the medical SRP by 0600. Of course, in the first of many snafus (or change-fires, as we say), nobody told the chow hall that we wanted to eat early – so they didn’t open until 0530.

After that, they passed out personnel records, and amazingly my invisible man status extended to my paperwork – the unit had neglected to bring any of my personnel records with them from Minnesota. I went anyway, and proceeded to sit with half the platoon on the bus for two hours while we waited for space to clear in the medical building. Once inside, the sergeant medic went to draw my blood and she did not inspire confidence when she couldn’t tell whether she was about to tap a vein or a tendon. In her quest to raise a vein (that was there all along), I had pumped it up so much that when she withdrew the needle, dark red blood squirted all over the desk and my arm. Shortly thereafter I basically passed out. Not because of the blood, but because I didn’t eat much breakfast and I guess I’m weak versus blood drawing.

I had a nice lie-down and some E-5s bought me a coke and some crackers and I chilled out for a few minutes until my hearing and vision returned. The rest of the SRP was uneventful – anthrax shot #2 aside – and we even made it back to the barracks in time for lunch.

Looks like we’re pretty much done for the day. Tomorrow…probably finance and other administrative crap. We’ve started vehicle inventories, too, and apparently either Benning or the 111th is trying to pass off a bunch of broken equipment to us – saying that we can’t do anything about it until we get to Kuwait. What?

I’m thinking chinese food tonight. General Tso chicken, anyone?


  1. Xteen

    Looks just like in the movies.

  2. Erica

    I wonder if those two guys are hot?


    I bet they are

    ps. Broke up with John (AGAIN) for good.

  3. delobius

    uh, I doubt they’re hot.

    Hey, I’m not gonna say anything about the John thing, but…uh…well, duh. LOL…

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