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echo out front

Hey, cool, I think there’s a brown recluse by my foot.

This is coming to you live from the rec center across from the finance SRP building. Of course, we’re waiting for something to happen…at least we didn’t get up at 0430 (slept in until 0600! whee!). This is all just a rubber-stamp operation anyway – all of my pay is squared away and I didn’t get married or anything recently, so my personnel issues are nonexistent.

It actually got down in the 40’s last night. All of the people from the 111th were sporting their long underwear today since it was about 50-60 this morning. Har!

Oh, my address changed…uh…I don’t have it on me. I’ll post it tonight.

The racial factor seems to be alive and well down here…C reports that a lieutenant from the 111th came up to her and said, “so, do you have any black people in your unit?” She just kind of gave him a funny look. He said he asked her because she didn’t look as “pure” as the rest of us – being hispanic and all. Go figure.

The title of this entry comes from our new company motto, which we yell out when the first sergeant calls us all to attention. “Echo” because we’re now Echo company, and “out front” because our old battalion motto (134th) was “Get out front.” Next, I’m gonna whip up a logo that combines the 111th’s unit symbol with our own Red Bull.


  1. Mom and Dad

    You’ve got us laughing…

    The sloppy joes your mother took from your apartment three days ago were fermenting in the car!

    We got all you stuff to the house and stored. Did you forget to bring your flashlight?

    I sent off the stuff you asked your Mom to send today. Found out that when you get to Iraq there will be an APO on the east coast where we send your mail, and it’s then delivered by military transport.

    I sent an email to Patti, Cindy and my parents giving them your BL0G address.

    We love you.

  2. Erica

    Tell mom and dad to make sure they send priority mail to the APO – I did a experiment and sent one package parcel and another priority and the priority one got there in a week and the parcel in 3 weeks to the same location!

    Even though you are just sending to the APO, they will take priority over first with the limited space. Just a tip.

    Also he will need lots of eye drops and baby wipes when he gets there. heheheh :)

  3. Erica

    and JESUS – sounds like you had a crazy day! :) *lots of hugs*

  4. Erica

    Yeah dont ask me why but …I’ve got a real one

  5. Kelly

    the descriptive nature of this incident is recalling the movie we watched together last saturday! do be careful!

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