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what day is it?

The main task for the day is loading our footlockers on to the truck for transport to the shipping container. It’s a nice idea – they gave us some spacious footlockers to throw junk into that we won’t have to carry. Problem is, they gave them to us two days ago, and we didn’t know when they were leaving (we thought Friday), so many of us are shipping half-empty containers. I just threw some extra uniform items, some cold weather gloves, and a pair of boots in there – I didn’t really know what else to send. It would’ve been nice to ship things like folding chairs, fans, tripods, etc., but oh well.

Other than that…it’s a beautiful day here – 70’s and sunny again, with a nice breeze. The trees in front of the battalion are in full bloom (pics coming tonight, I swear – I forgot my login for the FTP to upload them ;p).

Rumors are rampant – everything from talk about how we’re gonna be living in the desert in tents, to pulling guard and checkpoint duty, to air conditioned buildings, to “they don’t even have a mission for us yet”…it’s ludicrous. The 111th’s unofficial motto is “Semper Gumby” (always flexible) but I prefer “Semper Bend Over” or, as Pope says, “Semper Absurd.” Actually, pretty soon it’ll be “Midwest in the Mideast” complete with gang signs (again, see photos soon). OH yeeah.


  1. xteen

    No photos? So sad.
    Sent card to former address.
    Hope you get it.
    Says nothing.
    The thought that counts.

  2. Eowyn

    Speaking of pictures…I demand pictures of HOT army guys in uniform! ROAR (You count as a hot army guy)

  3. Erica

    Also demand photos…speaking of photos…look what I did to my hair (crazy huh)

  4. Kelly

    Hey Alex,
    Where can I email you?
    I love you and miss you. Doing a commercial
    for your favorite store- Best Buy. Its all about cameras!
    Makes me think about ya. Ill post pix (not exactly hot but hey thats my life).

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