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georgia sunday

It’s another lovely day in Georgia. The birds are singing – mostly mockingbirds, but a few cardinals, chickadees, and other strange birds that never wander into the frozen north. Almost enough to make me forget I’m in the Army.

Here’s a shot of my new haircut, taken on my little nature walk this morning:

Sexy, neh?


  1. Mom and Dad

    Hi Alex-

    Gophers 7 Dogs 4 in semifinal WCHA game.

    Gophers v. ND for WCHA title tonight. Will report outcome.

    dog poop 4 humans 0 [your Mom’s comment]

    we are losing the battle of the excrementwhere is all the squirting blood? you are aliterary giant and your sense of humor is perfection, kudos love mom

  2. Mom and Dad

    Minnesota 5, North Dakota 4 in the WCHA Championship game at the Excel Energy Center! A nail biter all the way. Shots pretty much even at about 40. ND had a power play with about 4 minutes left in the third and pulled their goalie, but to not avail.

    Briggs is a fabuluous goalie!

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