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gas gas gas

NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) training today. The charcoal you see on my hands is from the chemical suit – it’s full of activated charcoal and it gets on every damn thing.

Training is starting this week – tomorrow we’re drawing weapons (finally), so I’ll get my M16. Thursday we’re doing the gas chamber – I don’t know yet if we’re going to take our masks off in there or if we’re just checking the make sure they’re sealed.

I have a huge hair on the side of my lip that somehow has escaped shaving for the last week.

Tomorrow we’re also getting our smallpox “shot” – I put that in scare quotes because it’s really more of a poking with a needle to cultivate a live virus under the skin. Whee! Let’s just hope that we don’t have to be sweatin’ to the oldies with smallpox anytime soon.

It was 30 degrees this morning. Brr! The southerners were freaking out. Har.

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  1. xteen

    Well the cut does show off your lovely earlobes. And you look warm.

  2. Mom and Dad

    Great haircut!

    I don’t how much time you’ll have to spend on the Internet, but I thought you might find this interesting:

  3. Erica

    Hey short cut, cute. :) very “Army” – yep blonde commment

    I have something very interesting to tell you from someone very interesting I met today who “knew” someone from your past who said the same thing about said person from your past that you did that I thought you might find humor in..but I don’t want to say here…but I don’t have your army email – anyway if you email me, will let you know.


  4. Xteen

    See post March 09, 2004, “Iraqi FAQi” for his e-mail.

  5. kelly

    Hey SEXY doo, brings out your adorable face.
    miss you too much.

  6. Erica

    Thanks Kristeen

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