Postcards from Tradocia


Laundry start time: 1900 25 Mar

Laundry completion time: 0700 26 Mar

After a twelve-hour siege, washer #2002 finally capitulated, yielding control of my laundry for drying operations.



  1. Xteen

    Thanks for the placeholder text. I want to know just how they dress up as Arabs. Do you have any Arab-Americans in your unit?

  2. delobius

    nope, no Arabs in the unit. They just have civilians (white guys or whatever) dressed up in appropriate clothing.

  3. Mom and Dad

    Yee haw!and horrors from mom sounds like fun though betty is becoming a barnes rapidly and buster is starting to get the drift we love you

  4. kelly

    Sounds pretty dramatic. I would love to dress up and participate. Seems like a great exercise, you discribe everything so vividly. I think we are going to have to publish when you come home. Keep up the good work Alex, great stories.
    miss u.

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