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Well, finally, some news:

We’re leaving Ft Benning by the end of April and moving to Ft Hood, TX, to join up with the 256th Brigade Combat Team (BCT). Once there, we will complete a 90-day field exercise, after which we’ll go to the National Training Center (NTC) at Ft Irwin, CA, for a Mobilization Readiness Exercise (MRE).

After that, Iraq (well, presumably).

It’s not really news and yet it is – and it means that it’s likely that our 18 month active duty period could be extended by up to 12 more months.

PT test this morning – I passed. Yay. No weekend for us though – boo. Instead, myself and 69 of my Minnesota comrades will be driving a bunch of the 111th’s vehicles back to their home, then coming back to Benning that same day. Should be a long, noisy drive.

This is my fourth try at submitting this entry. Jesus.


  1. Mom and Dad

    Hi Alex-

    Interesting info on the M16s.

    As you know, I’ve bought quite a few surplus bolt action rifles that were arsenal refinished, but always assumed that in the modern age they just threw away old rifles and replaced them with new ones.

    As long as they work, I’m in favor of it as taxpayer!

    Love, Dad

  2. Steve

    Speaking of animals, this chicken obeys your every command.

  3. Erica

    Hah! is great (saw it the other day)He even humps for you!

    Miss you Alex! Hope all is well wit joo!


  4. cindy

    The chicken is certainly interesting. What would compel a person to do this? He couldn’t “play dead.”

  5. kelly

    Hey Alex,
    send me a cd of your photographs. I want to print your photos and stretch them on frames. I just tried this for Inna and it works great. Ill leave my address on your cell phone today. I can post some of your photos for you too on your web site or mine, send upload info.
    see you soon, I WISH.

  6. Lola

    Hi–love the titles of your BLOGS—of course we love you==the pic of the lady w/Botox lips was super. It finally got warm here. Cheers. We didn’t make Church yesterday. TheSunday after Easter is often called Low Sunday, as many don’t show up. There was a lady Rabbi preaching yesterday. B. isn’t anti Semetic, but preferredf to sleep. Didja know that at one time Jewish doctors couldn’t practice in Mpls Hospitals? So they built their own, Mt. Sinai. Isn;t that great? Cindy was born there. Now they are welcome in any hospital…Cheers. Bet you’re glad you don’t have to drive to CA. Liebe und Prayers…can’ remember the German for Prayer..Bryce cleaned up his desk where I’d left the German–think it’s Bitten., but not sure. GG&G

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