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live from ATL

Well, it’s live from Atlanta. I’ve had a few drinks but it’s time for bed. Two more days on our pass…it’s good to get out of the Fort Benning area. Who knows – it may be our last taste of “civilization” for a long time.

Also, I got my video camera back, finally – so let the documentary commence!


  1. cindy

    Great news- we’re glad to hear you’ll be in the US for a little longer.

  2. Lola

    Hi. feel so grown up now that B. showed me how to get onto the BLOG. Cheers for your PT triumph. I’m not the least bit surprised, but pleased. Happy you’ll be in the US for a while. Veddy, veddy happy.
    Ther have been grass fires even in Eden Prairie. There was a pic of a helicopter dopping water..if I had computer skills, I would have emailed it to you. The Police Commissioner used the N—– words in ’92, according to an affadavit Gov. Palenty saw, So the G. and theCommissioner ‘had a meeting’ And the Com. resigned. Needless to say, there was a huge outcery frm the African Am. group. led by Spike Moss. The other day, Bryce and I were waiting for Alyssa at Southdale, and we were chatting with a very nice African American fellow which was really fun/ Liebe und Beten, G&G

  3. kelly

    Well, finally some news. I am happy you are receiving additional training. As we have discussed, running thru the drills once just gets you familiar with an operation and then you move on. I am not happy however at the extended time of your deployment. Many of the reserves who were coming home just had thier time extended too. We have to do what we must, as long as your internet improves, we can still talk!

  4. Mom and Dad

    Hi Alex – Next door neighbor Dean and I drove to the American Legion gun range near Elko and signed up to today.

    Trap, skeet, pistol, and rifle at 100 and 200 yards. They have CMP training and competition.

    By virtue of my dad’s and grandad’s military service, I’m now an official member of American Legion Post 435!

    I paid $60 to join. It costs $3 a visit, regardless of number of guns. Trap is about $3.50 a round.

    We’ll have to get you down there when you get back.

    Love, Dad

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