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Photoshop goodness from Allah himself:

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  1. Lola

    POTUS to visit Edina on Monday

    for Fund Raiser in Edina at the home of David Fraenhorst, real estate magnate and long time supporter of Norm CColeman. At the close of Coleman’s first term as mayor, St. Paul floated 110 million dollars to build a tower, to lure Lawson Software across the river to SSt. Paul.when the bldg was completed, Frauenhorst and buddies exercised an option to buy back the tower for $53million, while St. Paul was left with $56million debt, plus strip mall and garage. Ah, politics. needless to say we’re not invited, and not going.

    The BEST thing today was your BLOG. At the risk of repeating myself—you write so well, and so humorously. Cheers. And I love the clever titles for each BLOG Have you cosidered a career in journalism when you get out? I’d still be happy to send some examples to the Mpls Star. Liebe, G&G

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