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last men standing

The GSU (Garrison Support Unit) is abandoning these barracks shortly, one company of the 111th is going to Iraq, and the rest of the 111th is going home – leaving us the sole occupants of this area until next week. Unfortunately, that means the GSU is taking all of their computers, which will leave me internet-less (unless we can revive the hookup upstairs). What will they take next, our food? Geez.

More sitting around. As I predicted, we’re going to be doing nothing until we get to Hood. That begs the question, of course, of why we won’t get a pass this weekend – the 111th has had a pass every weekend since they got here, and we’re done with training and everything else, so there’s really no excuse. The only excuse, of course, is that someone in the chain of command thinks we’re not responsible enough to handle ourselves, so we’re being babied. Lord knows what our battalion commander called “the best signal unit in the Army” can’t withstand staying a night or two off-post. It’s a subtle breakdown in discipline – first a weekend pass, then next thing you know, we’ll be smoking bong-loads in the CP tent!


  1. Jason Schneider

    Did you ride the MARTA trains, that’s about all i remember from when i was there in high school. it seemed like an ok town, outside of the fact that ted turner and the braves are from there.

  2. delobius

    yo Jason…

    Nope, didn’t ride the MARTA jive – we had a rental car and just walked otherwise. I swear one of the trains ran right through our hotel though…the place was under construction and they started at like 7 am.

  3. Spikebot

    LOL re the soundtrack on the drive.

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