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What a long way we’ve come from hammered metal plates and finely crafted shirts of steel rings – now soldiers wear Kevlar and ceramic and other mysterious manmade materials. I’ve posted about it before, but the Interceptor body armor seems to be our best piece of equipment, the one that inspires the most confidence. Without plates it’s barely ten pounds; with them, it’s only 16-20 (though we don’t have them yet).

Our time at Fort Benning is at an end – tomorrow we leave for Fort Hood. It’s been a lovely six weeks of training and partying. Who knows what awaits us in Texas – I’m actually dreading it more than Iraq or anywhere else since it’s almost certain to be more boring and just as hot.

Unlike the armor of old, though, there’s a warning in bold lettering on the inside label of our armor: DOES NOT PROVIDE PROTECTION AGAINST KNIVES OR SHARP OBJECTS. And a further warning:

a) they have been hit by fragments or small arms fire.



  1. Bryce

    Sounds just like the army. However I’ll bet that the passes will appear just in time for you to go out and enjoy the weekend.

  2. cindy

    Well, with all of the computers (and boxes) gone maybe you can get to the refrigerator. I hope they let you off base for the weekend. At first I thought that you said you were going to “the hood” but I guess it was just Hood.

  3. kelly

    Hey Alex,
    So remember what we said about this deployment- when the internet goes down we knows its getting bad!
    Cheer up, its just your patience being tested AGAIN.
    Love you.

  4. Mom and Dad

    Hi Alex – Hope you got a pass this weekend.

    I put Weaver rings and a 4X Bushnell scope on the 30-30 Marlin today. Classic deer rifle.

    Love, Dad

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