We’re getting settled in here at Hood; our movie theater has been re-established, the computer game area lined up, and the abandoned part of the barracks complex stripped clean of any usable or semi-usable items. Scavenger Expert Award goes to SGTs F and N from the third floor, who collected a fully functional 27-inch Sony Trinitron TV. Aha! The cable installers are even coming next week (or so I’ve heard) to try to hook up some internet access and cable TV. Luxury city, baby!

Of course, a guy from the Corps of Engineers rolled up this morning, wearing a hard hat and toting some plans. He asked to see whoever was in charge, and proceeded to lay out some crazy talk about how our building was slated for demolition. Radical! Not until October, apparently, but ironic nonetheless.

Today was vehicle inventories, and tomorrow is more equipment inventory and unloading of shipping containers.