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letters from the front

Here are a couple of emails from soldiers in Iraq right now, telling the real story of the battles in Fallujah and against al Sadr instead of the bullshit negativity spewing from the TV and newspaper:


  1. Lola Barnes

    Hi Alex;

    We’re going to Prior lake this afternoon and have a mother’s day outing with the Hoppe’s and your parents; this includes food at the park and then a baseball game with Sam hopefully getting to catch for the Jays. A storm is predicted so we’ll see. Love G&G

  2. cindy

    Grandma and Grandpa made it for the picnic, but Bill was sick so we missed seeing Bill and Sue. The game got rained out, but only after the moms (and Grandma) threw out the first pitches to their players. That was fun, but then the storm hit with plenty of rain, wind, and hail. So much for the first game of the year. Cindy

  3. Mom and Dad

    Can’t wait for the crystalline spheres!

  4. Spikebot

    Me too :D

  5. Erica

    Miss you so much! *lots of hugs*

  6. Bryce and Lola

    Tnx lots for your blobs re Army mythology. Isent you a blob, tnx to my inexpertise, it vanished, There was a cute tiny baby squirrel in the yard. A crow ws swooping down tryin to attack it. I pounded on the widow, to save Baby S, not wanting to go out in my pjs, Bryce got his BB gun tried to scare the crow. Later, as we were leaving, same scene. B tried to get Baby S in safey of bushes. No go. B. got BB gun again, hit the crow. He/she left. So did we. When we came home, no sign of Baby S or crow. Hope Baby Sq is Ok. Liebe, G&G

  7. LT

    Need to start tabulating the Army mythology for regulations. Here are a couple of favorites–
    You need to have the antenna ball attached to your HMMWV antenna because one time an antenna went right through someones eye and into their brain. I spread this one for quite awhile, but then realized how dumb it is.

    A sister legend is that you must always wear eye protection while in the FOB because a mortar that hit a FOB went directly through someones eye, and they would have survived with no scrapes had they been wearing glasses.

    I love the Army urban legends

  8. CID 123

    Your blog is being evaluated for information release. OPSEC should have been something an enlisted Signal soldier learned. You may not care, but there are still many thousands of Americans at risk. Your mouth helps the enemy.

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