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al “qaeda” gore



  1. Lola Barnes

    Great! We have read that we too can do our part this summer by looking for suspicious looking people wearing bulky overecoats with wires hanging out of them and possibly reeking with the odor of chemicals. So much for homeland security;We can all sleep well tonight.
    Love, Gramps

  2. Lola Barnes

    Tnx lots for your report on your adventures in the TX desert…we can envision perfectly all that happened. You have a great fan club here for ABarnes, future best selling author. Cindy,Bryce, Allan, Alyssa Jake (her friend and I went to Westminster because Alyssa wanted to hear Westminster’s African Choir—tjy’re good. then we went to I HOP and Christy waited onus–what a great, lovely waitress. Liebe, G&G

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