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in praise of attrition

An article from the US Army War College Quarterly:

In Praise of Attrition


With hardcore terrorists, it


  1. sec

    Chris, my wife, has been using VideoStudio and MovieFactory with some success.

    Free 30-day trials below.

  2. Spikebot

    The best way to get a programme to run smoothly is to get rid of Windows.

  3. sec

    There’s also Windows Movie Maker for free:

  4. Steve

    Hey Chris… ?
    LOL Dude, I have no idea, but I think these helper monkeys might know a great program!

  5. Bryce and Lola

    Bryce agrees with what you said about windows…we were struggling with windows on our old computer card writing program. Didja ever get the cookies, or shall we try again? Did I ever tell you about sending some to my brother in Gothenburg,NE? Unfortunatel, they wer sent via Gothenburg, Sweden, arrived months later and pulverized. Liebe, G&G

  6. cindy

    I spent hours trying to edit on Digital Origin- the software that came with my Canon camera and then Windows Media. I was never successful with either. Windows Media only allowed me to transfer about 30 seconds of video at a time. I gave up, so hopefully you will figure it out and then I will know what to try next.

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