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Hey, I finally have a photo index. It’s obviously ugly but who cares. It’s also on the sidebar for your viewing convenience.


  1. Steve

    Werd up. Dunno if you have the connection to witness this, but I just listened to a radio program on all the private companies operating in Iraq– doing security and stuff. Good lord… forget the National Guard, those private guys are making serious cash! 80,000 dollars a year with free room and board… who knows what the food consists of, but hey… why not factor in full effect.

    Check it out at: –click on the realplayer icon and enjoy.

  2. Bryce and Lola

    Sorry about your lack of food…no burgers or fries..not patriotic–and besides you’re HUNGRY…right. They should employ Mac Donald’s.. right?Finally got warm..we’ve swum 3 we had a biatholon..swam, then walked 1/2 mile at the Galleria..doesn’t sound like much to yoy, Iknow–when you’re in such great shape….and then there’s the lawn which seems to grow at an astronomical speed. Here’e to better and more food. Liebr, G&&G

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