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Instead of (or in addition to) canteens, we all carry Camelbaks now. It’s great because it’s much easier to drink, and you can continually be taking in small amounts of water instead of slamming whole canteens, Mountain-Dew-style.

It’s easy, though, to forget how much water you’re actually drinking. Let’s put this in perspective: my Camelbak holds about 2 liters of water. While at the FOB, I was emptying that thing about 3-5 times per day. Didn’t seem like much – I never felt full of water, but in one day, that’s this much fluid…

Good lord!

And I was still almost a heat casualty. I can’t wait to see the water intake once we get to Iraq…

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  1. Bryce and Lola

    Update on MN. Trisha aka Pat came toda until Thurs. Isn’t that neat? We saw Sam play ball on Sat., then went to Alyssa’s neat recital–Sam’s ball game was neat, too. Beatween we stopped at Burger King, ate in the car, new exeperience..spilled tomatoes, burger all over my white shorts no time to tun home 20 miles and changeCindy tried to fix me up tieing my shirt in the middle–trendy and sort of tie/tomato dyed. BBack to PL Sun for Sam’s game and now Ttrisha is playing piano and Cindy is coming in to sleep over tonight

    Hi Alex – this is Aunt Patty! Hope all is well with you. We miss you.
    Take care – we love you!


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