Postcards from Tradocia


Oh man…check out these pictures taken by this Russian woman cruising through Chernobyl on her motorcycle…eerie stuff:


  1. Holly

    Geesh, I thought the people HERE were retarded about the heat. When I say I’m from MN, they expect me to tell them about my summer’s spent roasting marshmallows over a fire outside of my Igloo. Its like WTF? I’m from MN, not Antartica!

  2. Bryce and Lola

    Thanks for the temperature info re Iraq. I’d guess that the army has progressed enough that air conditioning is used even there. Patty was here for 4 days this week and we had a great time visiting. She got to see all the clan in the twin cities including dinner at your folks house and had the pleasure of meeting Betty. We ate at Snuffies with the Hoppes and had our fill of Malts, burgers, and french fried potatoes and onions. Love G&G

  3. Spikebot


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