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brigade burger king

Somehow, one doesn’t get a very soldierly feeling while sitting in a tent across the street from Burger King.

We made a bit of a comical sight, even on an Army base – a pair of humvees, a little olive green tent, and a 15-meter tall antenna, all plunked down on the lawn right on Fort Hood’s main avenue. I wonder what people said as they drove down Battalion Avenue, on their way to regular Army jobs – i.e. driving tanks and airlifting dehydrated soldiers to hospitals. I know what I would say if I was in one of those cars: “what the hell are those guys doing with those trucks and that goofy antenna right next to Burger King?”

It’s been ridiculously humid here, especially at night. I thought Texas was dry! It’s so humid that at night everything is perpetually damp – clothes, skin, the cot in the tent. The switch truck has an air conditioner, and from the inside it cooled the outer skin of the vehicle so much that at night the entire steel shelter was dripping wet with condensation.

As I write this, the toxic chemicals are burning into my scalp, turning me once more into a sexy blonde………….!


  1. Xteen

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more perfectly round face.

  2. SuperHoot


  3. Spikebot


  4. Bryce and Lola

    Dear Super BLONDE, you’re the greatest. when you become a civilian you’d make a great columnist, etc. I really howled w/glee when I read your adventure. We could share some cool w/you. we tried swimming today at 65F this am..water 84F allgedly, but the hot, solar heated car felt really great. I’ve learned a lot from my grandsons..when you played hockey learned what a hat trick is..and 2 nights ago Sam made a grandslam home run. I’ve always said a new generation should be an improvement over the last. LIEBE G&G

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