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automatic minutemen

Yesterday I qualified on my M249. There’s nothing like the sound and blast and thrill of automatic weapons fire…

Though the M249 fires the same round as the M16, the sound is very different for some reason. For one thing, there’s not nearly as much sound of the weapon operating with the M249, since there’s no huge buffer spring like the M16. Also, the sound of the M16 firing is a sharp crack, whereas the M249 is more of a concussive blast. Even sitting fifty or a hundred yards away, the M249 is loud, while the sound of the M16 drops off much more quickly. Maybe it’s because of the 249’s open-bolt operation…hmm…

Yes, this update is brought to you by the ellipsis…


  1. Mom and Dad

    Alex – I talked with an old friend of mine today – Tom Colaizy – who has done many years of service in the reserves – maybe you remember him – a hockey guy – I told him about your service, and he had nothing but good things to say.

    You have the right idea.

    Hats off…

    Love Mom and Dad

  2. Lola Barnes

    We really appreciate and cheer your philosophy and maturity. God bless you. Liebe, G&G.

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