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the boys are back in town

Nothing like a week away from the Army to realign one’s perspective and refresh the senses.

Everyone says they hate being back, but perversely, I had a certain sense of excitement about coming back, and I don’t think I was the only one. There was a palpable sense of joviality last night, as everyone mingled and laughed and swapped stories of drunken debauchery or whatever activities filled their week. A group of us sat in the day room, eating pizza that I ordered while on the bus as we rolled up on Fort Hood, and it was an atmosphere of reunificiation, like that song that goes “The boys are back in town…”

I was reading a comic while on leave and part of it was a story about a man telling his war buddy’s son about his experiences in Vietnam. It then occurred to me that after all this, I’ll have the proverbial “Army buddies” – indeed, I do already. It’s kind of a strange thought, but just one of many on this strange journey.

And no, I don’t know why the index page looks so assed-up with only one entry showing.


  1. Schaus

    sign me up. It’s always good to read a bit of life from where you’re at.

  2. Spikebot

    Sign me up, dude!

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