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christmas in july

Here’s SPC Bell-fy modelling the hottest fashion for ’04-’05, the Desert Camoflage Pattern, Type II!

It’s a little strange to see everyone wearing tan instead of green, and it kind of ruins the old cadence: “Used to wear my faded jeans/Now I’m wearing Army greens.” Now I’m wearing Army…tans?

Of course, by the time you read this none of us will be sporting the stylish boonie cap but rather will be back to a boring old patrol cap, the Eye of Basilica having fixed its gaze upon our sexy headgear, thus destroying it. Until we get in country, anyway…

Today we’re getting our Rapid Fielding Initiative equipment. New stuff yeah!

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  1. Mom and Dad

    Hats 0ff…

    “That short-wave net…”

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