Postcards from Tradocia

not quite marmots…

But amusing anyway…a little Flash movie of loooove for you:


  1. SuperHoot

    Great stuff. I’ll need to get the Alpha company one. Where did you get that uber cool text, btw? the brushstrokes one one the logo

  2. Bryce and Lola

    Cceers to a great author and Marmot merchandiser—the shirts look really great. You are loaded, loaded, loadrd with talent. Tomorrow night, we have a double header at Prior Lake: Cindy’s band is playing first, then Sam’s basebsll tean, the Jay’s will plat. It will be fun to sing the Star Spanled Banner to a neat, live band, the Windjammer’s. We went to Cchaska for the game, and a poor girl, sang unaccompanied, and forgot the words. Luckily, in the stands everyone took over and sang loudly–the poor she felt terrible.Liebe, G&G

  3. Daniel

    from korea,,

    this song sucks but fun

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