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Yesterday I found myself cutting up sheetmetal ductwork with scissors.

OK, they were metal snips, but essentially they were scissors.

So here we are, performing Ork Battlewagon-like modifications to our vehicles, including spare tire mounts, hideaway wheelwell compartments, full-blown interior cabinetry, and of course, air conditioners. Apparently, the same military that gave us night-vision optics and bombs that can be dropped from 20,000 feet and land within ten meters of the aim point decided that our trucks would never have to be sent anywhere hotter than Minnesota. Indeed, they’re quite well suited for our northern climate, with lots of heat-generating electronics and even a floor-mounted heater. But no A/C.

Our sister vehicles, the switching trucks, have air conditioners (Environmental Control Units, the Army calls them), but of course they’re for the equipment, not the operators. The human-comforting cool breeze is just a side effect. Since the Army sends switch operators to AIT for six months, and us lowly radio operators for only eight weeks, I guess that means that they’re three times as valuable, which must push them over the Air Conditioning Benefit Threshold (ACBT, if we’re making up acronymns here).

Actually, it’s pretty cool (hah! cool! get it?) that we’re doing all these modifications, but what I really want is an M134 minigun on the roof of my truck…

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  1. Spikebot

    LOL. Sounds like yer doing it wrong. Tighten up the internal pelvic muscles first then the abs. The internal ones are basically the ones to control peeing. They’re those core muscle thingies and they got the power.

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