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drowning in receipts

At what period in world history did it become necessary to obtain a receipt for every trivial transaction? I seem to remember, in the halcyon days of my youth, going to the Tom Thumb in Highland Park (now a day-care center…*snif*) and purchasing candy or whatever, and being able to walk out with nothing but my purchase.

The other day I swung by the shopette (military jargon for a convenience store, I guess…kind of femmy if you think about it) to buy a bottle of Gatorade and some other small item. The total was less than five dollars, and I paid with exact change. I got a receipt. Walking out of the store, I went to toss the receipt in the garbage can, and in doing so, I saw that the entire can was full of nothing but receipts.

Why does this happen? Do retailers really think that I’m going to return the 99 cent Gatorade I just bought? Will I need to retain that receipt for tax purposes? Does that mean I can write off all the food I buy on this deployment as “business expenses”? It’s such a ridiculous waste.

Don’t even get me started about how I had to get “Citrico Vibrante™”-flavored Gatorade instead of my usual lemon-lime because a) they didn’t have any and b) every bottle was uni-lingual – Spanish, of course. But hey, it’s got “sabores naturales.” Olé!


  1. Bryce and Lola

    Your A/C picture is great!

  2. Spikebot

    That’s a cute gun. Now I know what I want for Xmas. Mounted on my car :D

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