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the speech

Here’s something new: the first of two guest essays from one of our stellar E5’s in 2nd platoon. He just sent them to me, unsolicited, and I thought they had a great voice and a little different perspective than my own idealistic, high-falutin’ ramblings.

Be advised that there’s a bit of extra profanity in here. What’s a soldier without swearing, though?

I’ll post his other essay tomorrow.


The Speech

As the frustration level increases over time, we must remember one thing: This is not our real life. Note that this is not a statement without limitations, but rather a guiding principle in dealing with our frustrations and stress. We all joined the National Guard with the knowledge that we might – however remote the chance – be in a situation like this. Keeping that in mind, that possibility has become our reality, but only temporarily.

Let us examine the phrase that we have all heard on more than one occasion:

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  1. Lola Barnes

    Hi, Hot, hot, hot, and very well described by you. Liebe, G&G

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