And so, it is almost time…the breaking of the Fellowship draws near. It’s as if we’ve come to the Rauros-falls; from Amon Hen I can see the path that I must take, east to Fort Stewart, where the fabled Joint Network Node lies. SGT P goes east as well, but for another purpose – in search of the Army’s new blimp (no, I’m not kidding). Look for his coming with the sun in the third week. The rest of the company goes to the fires of Death Valley and NTC, a journey long feared by man and beast alike.

I can’t say I’m sorry to be missing out on the trip to Death Valley, but it will be strange to be separated from most of the company with which I’ve spent all waking hours for the last four months. And farewell to Fort Hood – I can’t say I’ll miss being here, either.

So, until we meet again, B Company – we will see you in Louisiana – or perhaps, Kuwait!

Next post will be from lovely Georgia again.