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r-r-r-rock of the marne


Live from Fort Stewart, GA, it’s Rock of the Marne!

Our journey was largely uneventful except for one RPG-meets-life scenario. At the Atlanta airport, awaiting our connecting flight to Savannah, a fit-looking man in probably his early 50’s approached a couple of our party members. I knew it was a scripted encounter because I couldn’t move any party members as he approached; I checked his equipment, though, and he had a black bag identical to mine, which I knew was only sold in Item Shops on Army installations. I wandered over to see what the deal was, and he introduced himself as a lieutenant colonel from Fort Stewart. Apparently he was an officer of some significance on the post, and after looking at our orders, offered to help us secure transportation and lodging upon our arrival at Stewart.

He turned out to be quite helpful, since there was a ride waiting for us at the Savannah airport, complete with an NPC driver fresh back from Iraq, full of random comments for as long as we pushed the X button to talk to him.

I’m not going to lie – our accomodations are swank (click for boastful picture) and life is going to be good here. As for the class – well, JNN looks to be like any other Army training: death by Powerpoint. What did they do before Powerpoint? Endless acetate slides and overhead projectors? Good lord.

And man, do we stand out in the DCUs (Desert Combat Uniform) here…we’re just about the only people on the post wearing them (or so it seems). Makes it easy to spot other party members, though…


  1. Spikebot

    Bugger! From a purely selfish point of view this means you won’t be including my mate in your pics anymore.

  2. Lola Barnes

    Havea good trip. Prayers are with you. Liebe,G&G

  3. SGT P

    Aragorn fares well in his journeys thus far. The enemy has attacked him and his party on many fronts, but he continues to hold despite what seems the inevitable outcome. I shall speak to you again soon.

    – G 3

    Ps If you don’t get that last reference, think Weathertop.

    PPS This is a comment that likely only Barnes will comprehend so don’t rack your brains trying to get the humor.

  4. Xteen

    I hope Aragorn continues to post (and continues to hold.) I hope others of the fellowship post, too. I can’t rely on Alex for the entire saga. One needs a change of narrator from time to time.

  5. Reski's Moms Daughter

    I wasn’t sure if my last entry was posted, but I just wanted to inform you how awful it is back here! Its so lonely! I am sure you are having a blast in your motel room though! Take care and talk to you soon, probably next stop in Kuwait!

  6. delobius

    Hey Reski’s Mom’s Daughter, your last post did get through. Just look at the next post to increase your jealousy factor…muahahahaahah!!


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