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v-v-v-voice of the marne

Apparently 3rd Infantry Division’s signal battalion’s motto was “Voice of the Marne.” Ha! Unfortunately for them, in the process of the Army’s reorganization from divisions and brigades to Units of Employment (UEx) and Units of Action (UA), their signal battalion was dissolved and the elements distributed among 3ID’s UAs. No more Voice of the Marne, then…

Training on the JNN is continuing – we actually got to power up and power down the shelter today. Looks like we’ll be able to get lots of hands-on time as well, which has been a traditional failing of General Dynamics training, both in AIT and during the short HCLOS class last month.

The JNN, like the RFI, represents a drastic departure from traditional methods of Army procurement. The majority of the equipment in the shelter is what the Army calls COTS – Commercial Off-The Shelf, with Cisco routers, switches, and call handling software being the big stars of the show. So, instead of taking ten years to develop specialized, ruggedized equipment which ends up being tough as nails but obsolete the day it’s fielded, the Army is just buying shit right off of vendors and tossing it into vehicles. I have mixed feelings about that…we’ll see how it goes, I guess.

Word to the operators out there – there are still 8 billion TEDs in the JNN shelter, like the node center, but they’re one-eighth the size of the old ones, and they no longer require bumping…whoopee.

Tropical storm’s on the way, but I guess we’ll just get lots of rain. Somehow, though, I keep having images in my head of 70-ton M1 Abrams tanks hurtling through the air, lifted by vicious tropical winds and hurled into buildings…


  1. Reski's Moms Daughter

    Rough living quarters! This is Beef, Murphy and Reski, just checking in to make sure the trip went well. Take care there, and I hope the suffering isnt to bad considering the conditions. Enjoy your powerpoints while we enjoy rail-loading all your crap! Bye for now!

  2. Spikebot

    ROFL re death by powerpoint.

  3. SuperHoot

    Please tell me that is the lobby of the hotel you’re staying in. My brain could not handle the army putting us up in such schnazzy rooms. That’s right. I said ‘us’. I’ll be rejoining the party in a week’s time. See you then!

  4. delobius

    Hah…true, that’s just the lobby. They didn’t put us up in the Ridiculuous Presidential Suite or anything (though I do have my own stove).

  5. SGT P

    Now that I’ve seen the picture of the lobby, I know for fact that is the hotel I stayed in. The Last Homely House of Elrond it would seem. Today, the army’s gom jabbar is deployed by its 3rd team of operators. Thats right Delobi, according to the instructors, we are only their 3rd rotation of BLIMP PIMPS! OMG!

    I’ll at least send some pics, and I apologize in advance for the crappy resolution of the ole camera phone.

  6. Bryce and Lola

    The pic of the hotel is great–complete with fireplace, And a blimp–wow what class. Liebe, G&G

  7. The Ex

    You suck! Have I told you how much I hate you? I hope you die from powerpoint over dose. You deserve it. Smarty pants…*sniff* I wish you were here *sniff* -_-

  8. Freight Train

    aargh. Enjoy it while you can. Personally, I’m looking forward to the sand and the scorpions and the brain frying heat. Yay!!

  9. Mom and Dad

    Ex: bona appetite!

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