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photos 8

It’s time for round 8 of photos – the last from Fort Hood. Until 2005, that is…


Photos 8


  1. The Ex

    Amen brother. Thanks for the cameo ^_^’

  2. SGT P

    Well well well… It seems that our impartial SPC Delobi has made a dangerous step toward the Dark Side! Actually making public commentary on the failures of command, I see, UPAR. My God sir! Get a grip! What would FORSCOM say if CNN got a whif of this! You’ll be shot on the White House lawn for this. Field of Honor at dawn!

  3. Mom and Dad

    You’ve got the right idea.

  4. SuperHoot

    Well said. I actually had to show a specialist from 2nd platoon how to mount his ACOG sight on his M4. One of our designated marksmen, for God’s sake, and he recieved no instruction on how to assemble his weapon system. You’ve spoken of absurdity. This is of the more dangerous variety.

  5. sec

    “…I’d say that 90% of weapons malfunctions are due to operator error…”

    Just like the old job in comoputer support, eh?

  6. delobius

    LOL…yes, exactly.

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