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windows 20XX

So now I’ve come full circle, having gone from Windows 2000 administrator, to gun-slinging frontline soldier, to National Guard radio operator…and back to Windows 2000 administrator.

There are a couple of Win2k servers in the JNN, so we’re learning to configure them. Too bad we’re starting at a crawl. It all reminds me of why I hate computers.

The comment spam is getting fierce around here. I installed MT-Blacklist a while ago, but content-based filtering can always be circumvented – it’s always a losing battle. For those who devise spam: how do you look at yourself in the mirror each day and not be consumed with an overwhelming sense of self-hatred and an urge to cut your own wrists and swallow a 5-gallon container of burning diesel fuel?

I guess someday I may have to disable comments, at least on some posts, but then the spammers will have won.


  1. Bryce and Lola

    Tnx lots for the great pics. Did you box?

    Liebe, G&G

  2. cindy hoppe

    Did you survive the storm alright?

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