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balloon platoon

SGT P sends images of what is probably the Army’s most ridiculous new piece of technology:

Balloon Majesty

Loading the Balloon

And by the way, it’s not a blimp, it’s a balloon or aerostat. Those Balloon Platoon guys are tough motherfuckers and they’ll beat your ass if you disrespect Gertrude by calling her a blimp!


  1. Spikebot

    Congratulations mate :D

  2. emu

    How could you only have 1000 hits!!! I know I personally have gone to your site more than 1000 times. you are the only source for any info on any topic… okay maybe I lied a little but I enjoy your pics of Herndon pretending to work since everyone knows he never does anything but sleep.

  3. sec

    “In 1996 [the CIA] set up a unit called the Bin Laden Issue Station, codenamed ‘Alex’, dedicated to tracking [Osama bin Laden] down, only to have one operation after another aborted as too politically dangerous.”

  4. SGT P

    You must be getting about 50 a day though, which is pretty sweet I’d say.

  5. Bryce and Lola

    1,000 hits, Cheers. Liebe, G&G

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