Postcards from Tradocia


If you type “JNN army” into google I come up on the first page. W…T…F.

Not only the #1 source of Delobius-related news, but everything else too, apparently!


  1. Reski's Mom's Daughter

    Wow, looks like alot of work. I am glad to hear that you survived the hurricane. I heard that you guys might stay there longer though? We are at NTC now, its the biggest army joke ever made! Take care.

  2. schaus

    what exactly does that…*ahem* balloonian piece of technology do? Fill enemy troops with so much mirth they collapse in the middle of a battle?

  3. Spikebot

    What Schaus said.

  4. SGT P

    It carries an electronic payload used to conduct surveillance on enemy activity. It has saved many lives in Iraq and Afghanistan already. Don’t dis the balloon biatch!


  5. Mr. Anderson

    Yes, you all may go to your wonderful balloon and JNN classes in Ft. Rucker and Ft. Stewart. However, those few of us hardcore, unstopable fighting machines are in the desert getting ready for war. NTC has everything you could want. Sand as far as you can see. Beautiful mountains surrounding it. No electricity in our tents to weaken our minds. We are living the dream.

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