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Total domination of the Army’s hottest new shelter vehicle continues apace. And not only do we have electronic geek mastery, but physical as well – I think we must have the highest concentration of Dungeons and Dragons players of any unit in the United States Army. Not only did our platoon sergeant used to work at a game store, and our LT can carry an informed argument about whether paladins can also be magic users, but SSG Roy allegedly has all current D&D publications in PDF format!

It’s going to be game time when we get to Iraq.

When we rolled out to lunch today, a pair of Apache helicopters roared low over the road, probably no more than 100 feet overhead. All four of us in the van pressed our noses to the windows like little kids to see the big & bad attack helicopters tear over the barracks and pull up and around in some kind of vicious short-radius turn, then assume a hovering position. Following then came four Black Hawk helicopters in close staggered formation, presumably loaded with badass 3ID killing machines that know nothing about Cisco routers or Windows 2000 or paladins. They did this a couple of times, so they must’ve been practicing for some kind of air assault.

I almost feel silly for having the little thrill in my gut and the childish grin on my face when some totally sweet piece of military hardware flies or rumbles or rolls by. I’m in the Army, so that kind of thing should be normal and boring, right? I almost wonder if some stoic active duty guy will find me gaping at some attack helicopter like an idiot one day and give me a funny look, whereupon I’ll just look at him and say, “I’m National Guard,” which to him will be a complete explanation in that a) I’m a complete dork and b) I’m all ate up and never get to see anything that the “real” Army has.

I guess it’s just a peripheral benefit of Army life – you get to see cool shit.

As an old girlfriend would have said, “you’re such a boy.”


  1. Spikebot

    The people demand more marmots!

  2. Bryce and Lola

    Iwas really scared what a great author you are. Liebe, G&G

  3. SuperHoot

    Maybe this Chronocle chap could have an army of disgruntled marmots.

  4. Xteen

    Marmots don’t get disgruntled. They get revenge.

  5. Jason

    and chronocle could be a were-marmot himself…

  6. Jason

    of course none of this needs to be revealed in the actual story, but we’ll “know”

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