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tactical inkjet

Upon returning to the classroom from lunch one day, we found a curious green device sitting on the table. Made from thick steel, the case looked like any other piece of Army equipment: overbuilt, olive green, and somewhat mysterious in function. A prominent warning label conjured images of scything rows of razor-sharp steel and dozens of finely-machined pistons hammering away in some kind of obscene Rube Goldberg-ian effort to spit out a single page of 8.5×11 inch paper with black text.

Instead, the innards were hilariously banal: nothing more than an HP DeskJet 6122. (Wait, is this an OPSEC violation? Is the fact that we’re using a DeskJet 6122 supposed to be secret? I can see it now: “AHA! The 6122 uses #78 color cartridges – if we cut off their Office Depot delivery routes, they’ll be helpless!“)

It’s almost enough to make a man wonder if the Army’s attempts to appropriate off-the-shelf equipment has gone too far.

I mean, really…deskjet guts in a steel box? You’re kidding, right?


  1. SGT P

    Nice “one” buddy.

  2. Mom and Dad

    Why isn’t she wearing a burkha?

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