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HMTIS-D, Rev 0 Mark 1

Inspired by boredom and a discussion about various ways to capture images and video while in Iraq, Lepdog and I floated the idea of mounting a camera to a helmet for hands-free operation. In a flash of brilliant thinking, he asked: “what about the NOD mount?” I pulled my PVS-14 and accessories out of the safe and looked. It seemed promising. I stuck my camera onto the mount and turned the thumbscrew.

Sure enough, the mounting screw for the helmet mount for the PVS-14 is exactly the same size as a standard tripod mount on any camera.

Holy shit.

What do you get when you have bored soldiers, high-speed equipment, and an obsessive desire to capture images?

The Helmet-Mounted Tactical Imaging System – Digital, or HMTIS-D (pronounced “him-tiss dee”).

Stay tuned…


  1. Spikebot

    I love The Left Hand of Darkness.

  2. Jason

    Hitchhiker’s Guide…classic, i loved that book.

  3. Spikebot

    Totally, Jason.

  4. delobius

    I enjoyed Left Hand but I thought it was the best-written boring book I ever read. It was more…”literature” than sci-fi, which made it a good read but not exciting. I like stuff that gets me super pumped-up, I guess…

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