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title 10, again

This amendment extends the authorized mobilization of X (X) soldier(s) with 134 SC BN CO B MSE for an additional 90 days for a total of 635 days. These/this soldier(s) will remain on active duty in their/(his/her) current grade(s) and position(s) in an involuntary status under partial mobilization authority (Title 10, USC 12302).

No surprise there. But let’s go already – we’ve waited too long. Our focus is slipping, and our priorities are inexorably shifting from weighty matters of survival to trivial ones of comfort and stateside life. I feel like we’re in limbo, encased in a stasis shell within this alternate universe we inhabit; soon, the shell will collapse and I’ll be awash in the reality-surreality of rifles and diesel fuel and sand and heat and body armor, drinking nothing but water from a tube.

Perversely, I look forward to it – partly because the sooner it begins, the sooner it will end; but another part is that it represents an extreme of human experience, a way to stretch and expand my understanding, in a place a world away from installing Windows patches where pouring sweat and the rolling tympany of your heartbeat in your ears is a constant reminder of your own vitality.


  1. Mom and Dad

    Alex – Beautiful lighthouse picture, and I recognize the cathedral in the square at New Orleans.

    When in New Orleans, did you see the nearby building where the Louisiana Purchase was signed?

    I remember talking to a veteran who had done a tour in Viet Nam. He said that that the vividness of life, and its contrast with death, had blurred after his return…

    I love you.


  2. delobius

    Actually…that’s in Savannah. :)

    But yes, when I was in New Orleans (just last year), I did see the building where the ol LP was signed. At least, I think I did…

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