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letter from baghdad

Here’s a letter from a USMC major on the Multi-National Corps staff in Baghdad…read it:

On a related note, here’s a quote from another blog (Power and Control):

Andrew Sullivan says: Just tell the truth, Senator. And expose the incompetence of this administration’s war management. Every day.

Uh, Andrew. Wars are never competently managed. Projects can be managed. People can be managed. Why – because those involved have a common goal.

Wars cannot be managed because there is active and relatively unpredictable opposition. Even if you know what the opposition can do the actual mix of possible actions is always in doubt.

So what can we do about wars?

Win them or lose them.

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  1. Xteen

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying yourselves and a multi-million $ investment is paying off. I do question your opinions on just what constitutes “pretty.”

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