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the tdy life

Only one more week of cushy TDY living…then it’s off for the final block of leave, and THEN it’s finally time to dip back into that alternate time stream that I’ve been dangled over for so long. What a shock Kuwait’s going to be after living in this swank hotel for two months, doing little but computer configuration and engaging in idle thought.

Amidst this time of impending change, a single question burns in my mind: why does the output from my air conditioner smell like dried urine? I’m not joking – it smells like the floor of a gas station bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned for a week.

And I’m sure you didn’t even notice, but I upgraded to Movable Type 3.11. This also means that I might require registration for comments soon, though between MT Blacklist and changing the name of my comment script I seem to have licked the spam problem (for now).

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