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Speaking of narcissism and self-importance, go look at my new site devoted to my fiction material (and D&D material, if that happens):

Not much there now, but I hope to expand it in the coming year.

And yes, “syllabification” is a word.


  1. Spikebot

    LOL re the ninety percent thinking they’re the ten percent.

  2. Holly

    Wow, you know, I have alot of those same thoughts. I sit on the front porch enjoying a smoke, and wonder what those people passing by in the plane are doing? where are they going?

    I see people in the mall or in a store and wonder what their life is like. I had 3 fire trucks and 2 cop cars speed past me the other day and I had to wonder where they were off to, and whose life had been forever changed by some aweful accident or fire?

    Ships passing in the night, my friend.

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