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draft? no

Just wanted to put this out there, in case anyone thinks we’re reinstituting the draft…we’re not.

It’s quite true that the two bills mentioned would require both men and women aged 18 through 25 to perform a two-year period of “national service,” which incidentally could be either military or non-military service. But the bills are sponsored only by Democrats, and there’s not the slightest evidence that the Bush administration is pushing for them, quietly or otherwise.

(emphasis mine)


  1. jessica

    hey Alex how are you? Digging your website–sorry i have been a stranger–jess

  2. Jason

    are you going to enable comments on the ssr site. also, i need to know the approximate marmot population.

  3. delobius

    I might enable comments but it’ll prolly require registration.

    I can only give approximate figures for the marmot population due to the difficulties in conducing an accurate census.

  4. Spikebot

    ROFL re marmots.

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