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into the dark

It’s the last night at home. My next post will be from another continent – from sunny Kuwait. What will I find there, and in Iraq? I’m anxious to know.

It’s been seven months almost to the day since we left Minnesota for this adventure and still we haven’t touched sand. Let’s go already! And yet I know that as much as I wait to depart, as soon as I arrive, I’ll be anxious to leave.

So, stay tuned, and enjoy our fall, and winter – I’ll be sweating this one out!

//Midwest in the Mideast: CONUS Phase: The End //


  1. George Hall

    Thanks for your Blog!

    thru you I am keeping up with my son:
    SPC Brett Hall
    256th and a U31 ??type i think Signal Corps COMM
    school Ft Ste
    HQ Co Lafayette
    He’s in Kuwait & headed to Beautiful Camp Victory
    also be sure & look him up…..
    Take Care,
    George R. Hall

    ps: if you were at Ft Hood for “Tiger Day”
    I helped fix the Food & Bring the “BUD”

  2. Bryce and Lola

    Tnx lots for the beautiful wedding photo of the beautiful bride and groom. The wedding was lovely. God bless you both. Love, G&G

  3. Spikebot

    Congratulations :D

  4. Reski's Mothers Daughter

    What a beatiful wedding picture! Congrats. I hope you enjoyed leave, it’s quite hot here! I think only 110 degrees (in military jargon, 148 degrees!) Take care and have a safe flight!

  5. Mom and Dad

    Everything was perfect that day. We love you and miss you. See you soon. Love, mom and dad

  6. Kelly

    Don King here(Alex’s new name for me) the ring master or Brazil as my 93 year old neighbor calls me. So many aliases so little time! The wedding! Im hanging on to the memories of that terrific day til you come home. I miss you so much already- I know you know… My thoughts are with you every day and Im starting the planning for the homecoming bash. love, your big sis.

  7. sec

    Mr. and Mrs. Barnwinkle? Congratulations!

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