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pimp my ride

Cutting torches, power tools, welding – whatever it takes to turn B Company’s squishy Minnesota-nice trucks into post-apocalyptic monster battlewagons. More pictures of insane sparks-flying vehicular modification fun are yet to come, but here are a couple to give you an idea:

First, SGT K with a scavenged hard-sided door

Then, the general scene around SGT K’s soon-to-be-fly ride

And finally, a truck from another unit in the brigade, with the ring turret from a 2.5 ton truck rigged on the back and some descriptive writing on the door.

Probably the last entry for a while – it’s almost time…for the Superbowl of PMCS, the drive to Iraq! [cue ESPN Hockey Night theme song]


  1. Steve

    Where’s a stilsuit when you need one…

  2. Lola Barnes

    Great about the camels colors. We too thought they were all brown. LOve, G&G

  3. Mom and Dad

    Stilsuits aren’t authorized except for moms…

  4. delobius

    stilsuits for moms? wtf?

    And yes, the stilsuit idea has already been raised.

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