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Short answer: no, I’m not going to Fallujah. My existence here in Camp Victory is about as far from that battle as one can get in this country. Now that we’re set up, we’re not going anywhere.

If you want to read an analysis of what’s going on there now, though, go read The Belmont Club. Great stuff about how scary-good our troops really are.


  1. Lola Barnes

    we,re deliciously happy that you’re ok. liebe and prayers, g&g

  2. Mrs. Melobi

    I know how much you enjoy seeing comments here. So let’s see a movie together (or as best we can across the miles). I sent you my copy of The Many Colored Land so we can’t read a book together. What’s on the movie-watching agenda there?

    I can’t be spending all my time riding herd on the walnuts.

  3. delobius

    How I miss the walnuts…

    Well, I want to watch Vampire Hunter D soon, but I think you just watched that. We’re talking about watching Black Hawk Down…and of course we still have to watch Empire Strikes Back.

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