Postcards from Tradocia


If you’re looking for another perspective of a guy in Iraq (who does more than sit around, like me), go read 2slick’s blog – he’s a Black Hawk pilot, here on his second tour.


  1. Mom and Dad

    Ja wohl, Nordic legend…

    It’s about 68 degrees in the house right now – frost is all over the computer screen…

  2. Lola Barnes

    loved your hilarious account of varying temps. do you have a microwave oven hidden among your assets? love. g and g

  3. cindy

    I’m sending you a package today and will enclose some packs of hand warmers so your frozen fingers will still be able to type.

  4. Leemo

    Delobs, settle down, no need to get upset over the temperature, it’s not like you dropped your ice cream or anything. Besides, you’re in Iraq, there are other things to talk about than the weather which is the common denominator to every conversation with an unfamiliar face. Just thought I’d check in from lovely Camp Falcon where we are allowed to have laptops in the shelter (gasp!). Quite the active life over here for the 249 gunner. Between guard duty and convoys I hardly have time to search for slu’s. O.K. I overhyped the convoy thing

  5. delobius

    Ha…Camp Falcon…werd! They should’ve sent my team – out of 6 people, we have 4 249s! Heavy firepower to defend the TMC, I guess…

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