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So I’m posing against a model of the Mayflower or whatever, while a Black Hawk just landed at the hospital – maybe delivering casualties – and a pair of giant blimps float overhead. I’m carrying an automatic rifle and posing with pilgrims and Indians , while SGT P uses his M203 to hunt down our lunch.

It’s Thanksgiving Day in Iraq…what the hell is going on?

Inside the bizarro universe DFAC, the commander of the 141st Field Artillery Battalion served me some apple pie; the sexy engineer captain lady who was in my convoy from Kuwait served me ham. First sergeants were doling out mashed potatoes, while sergeants first class handled the breaded shrimp and crab legs. One sergeant major wore a little pilgrim hat.

Yesterday I was starting to feel totally divorced from reality – like Camp Victory is the entire universe and everything outside is fictional – and this certainly didn’t help. It was amusing though…and it did lift our spirits, even though the dancing ladies outside weren’t quite up to Babes of the Signal Corps™ standards.


  1. cindy

    …we’re glad too.
    What is it that you are doing now?

  2. Lola Barnes


  3. Mom and Dad

    A temporary relief from boredom, ay?

    Good thing that we’ve got the radar technology for our counter-battery fire.

    We’re putting together a couple of packages for you – including a bunch of magazines (reading material), Xmas lights, food, and books…

    Rumblin’ Roses, ja


    Mom and Dad

  4. Mom and Dad

    Beautiful image of the radio masts at nightfall.

    Just set it as wallpaper.

    Dell Pentium 4 HT, 3G clock speed,m 1 G SDRAM, etc. – works well enough we’re not ordering broadband…

  5. alektra

    You take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully, this will be your only one away from home.

  6. kelly

    jaarrrrinnngg. i’m afraid i would faint, and awake to major knee knocking. wear that body armor alex, it makes me feel better.

  7. Hootkoop

    That sunrise is oddly reminiscent of an h-bomb explosion. note the ‘ring’ forming near the top. Wow. That’s pretty grim.

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